Katja Plaisant

Katja Plaisant English-to-German translator

English-to-German translator

Native language: German

E-mail: plaisant@wow-translations.com
Phone: +49 30 44057151


If you have something to be translated why choose me?

First of all because translating is not only what I do but something I do with passion! It all started while I was still a teenager with translations I did for fun of passages from Russian and English books and letters. And then, during my university career, my subjects were translating Japanese and Hebrew – not only of contemporary texts but also texts from antiquity or the Middle Ages. In 2003 I decided to make a profession out of my passion. Since then I translate exclusively from English into German, with assignments from corporate clients and also from research and education institutes. I specialise in the fields of business, IT, clinical studies, websites, and documents concerning data protection, occupational and health safety, environmental protection, and also training documents for clients´ employees in the functions sales and distribution, production and finance.

What kind of assignments should you award me?

My particular strength is in translating texts from the areas of competence defined above. Moreover, as a result of my extensive and comprehensive course of studies and also several periods spent abroad in Russia, Japan and Israel my knowledge of the languages and cultures concerned is considerable. Furthermore, I have shown time and time again my ability to get to grips unaided with new topics. Having said that, I don’t accept every translating assignment. If you require a translation of texts dealing with uncommon machine components or a new operating technique I would pass on your wishes to a colleague with relevant experience.