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Katja Plaisant, Qualified Translator, Backed by a Strong Network of English-to-German and German-to-English Translators

Just as it takes time for a bird to cross the sea safely, it takes time to translate a message to audiences of a different language and culture. Investing the utmost care and effort into each translation is the driving philosophy behind Words on Wings.

Since 2003, Words on Wings has distinguished itself by focusing on quality over quantity. Realizing that subpar English-to-German translations can compromise your business goals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your source text. Our objective is to help you build brand awareness, credibility, and relationships in the global marketplace.

Words on Wings was founded by Katja Plaisant, a professional translator for the German and English languages. With over a decade of experience in English-to-German translations, Katja possesses a passion for language as well as a broad understanding of many fields, including economics, information technology, law, real estate, Jewish studies, history and anthropology.

Katja’s talents are supplemented by a network of qualified English-to-German and German-to-English translators. All of our providers are native speakers of English or German and have expertise in a variety of specializations. With our diverse network, Words on Wings is capable of handling a wide variety of translation projects—from a marketing brochure to the most intricate financial or legal documents.

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