Roger Partridge

Roger Partridge

Translations into British English but also into American English

Englisch translator Roger Partridgeemail:
Tel. +49(0)89 746 08 33
Mother tongue: British English

English native speaker, born in England, long-term resident of Germany.

Twenty-five years translating experience

Many years of experience in industry in Germany, the UK and the USA

B.Sc. in physics

Areas of competence

Architecture, property, construction engineering and environmental protection / environmental technology
Other areas of technology
IT and data security
Accounting, financial reporting and controlling
Other management topics
Advertising and public relations incl. Internet presence
Physics and engineering investigations


  • Court judgements on civil actions
  • Official certifications and attestations
  • Legal opinions
  • Notarisations
  • Business-to-business contracts
  • Property purchase or rental contracts
  • Business terms and conditions
  • Statutes of Associations, Federations, Institutes etc.
  • Companies’ articles of association
  • Excerpts from the Companies Register
  • Employment or secondment contracts


  • Health insurance policies or policies for temporary health insurance for international travel
  • Insurance attestations
  • Term insurance policies

Architecture, property, construction engineering and environmental protection / environmental technology

  • Building specifications / tender documents including building fixtures and fittings, electrical and telecommunications installations
    – for tenders
    – as sales documents
    – for rental agreements
  • Planning permission considerations, urban development sites
  • Determining property values
  • Ecological houses, investigating soil contamination
  • Brochures for consulting services for environmentally friendly construction
  • Lists and descriptions of environmental protection measures (related to sea warming and noise abatement) and expert opinions regarding power grids and power generating plants
    – offshore
    – inland

Other areas of technology

Various documents (tender documentation, proposals, operating manuals, operating instructions) for

  • Plant construction, individual machines
  • Electrical engineering, telecommunications and mobile phones
  • Automobile engineering
  • Plastics production and processing
  • Welding technology
  • Metrology

IT and data security

  • Localising ERP software packages
  • Tender documentation for IT service centres with centralised process control
  • Service agreements
  • Software descriptions/handling/specifications

Accounting, financial reporting and controlling

  • General commercial issues including tax regulations
  • Brochures, PowerPoint presentations and annual accounts (in accordance with HGB (German), IAS/IFRS- or GAAP regulations)
  • Audits of annual accounts (balance sheet, P&L account, notes, management report, auditors opinion)

Other management topics

  • Analyses and other studies for logistics, organisation and methods, personnel, production, purchasing, quality assurance & control, marketing & sales

Advertising and public relations incl. Internet presence

  • Company brochures
  • Websites
  • PowerPoint presentations