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Translation of Your Web Content,
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Done by Qualified English-to-German and German-to-English Translators

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Words on Wings excels at delivering professional, high-quality English-to-German translation services to clients across an array of industries. My network includes translators with diverse backgrounds and skills, allowing us to accommodate projects of varying sizes and complexity. Below are some of the types of English-to-German translations we can assist you with.

Advertising and Sales Materials

Promoting your products or services to German-speaking customers requires you to “speak their language” – in more ways than one. By translating your flyers, brochures, product descriptions, press releases, website content, and other sales collateral, Words on Wings helps you connect meaningfully with international audiences. No matter if you’re promoting an industrial product, financial services, or software solution, you can trust us to produce a sound translation that is true to your original piece.

Internal Company Documents

Are you an English-speaking company with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland? Although your employees may be able to understand your English-language communications, providing them with versions in their own language can be a thoughtful gesture that boosts morale. Let us help you with the English-to-German translation of your internal communications, safety and regulatory guidelines, newsletters, meeting minutes, training materials, and more.
We are also available to assist with German-to-English translations for all your corporate communications. For example: agreements, meeting minutes, and cases that are created in German but must be read, understood, and approved by English-speaking parties.

Legal and Financial Documents

Words on Wings translates complex legal and financial texts, e.g. agreements, terms and conditions, insurance policies or audit reports. Whether you’re a lawyer with German-speaking clients or an English company purchasing property in a German-speaking country, you can feel confident in our ability to maintain the integrity of the original document while communicating its content clearly and accurately to readers.

Other Materials

Words on Wings also offers English-to-German and German-to-English translations of the following:

  • Technical documents (e.g. user guides, white papers, manuals, online help text)
  • Nonfiction books
  • Presentations
  • Clinical trial collateral (e.g. patient information and informed consent forms)


Words on Wings emphasizes the production of quality translations for its clients. At the same time, we respect your need for timely delivery. As a general rule of thumb, please allow one (1) business day for every 1,500 words of translated text.

How to Ensure a Quality Translation

As a client, there are things you can do to help ensure the quality of your English-to-German or German-to-English translation. If you have a corporate style guide or glossary that must be adhered to, please include it with your documents to be translated. Also, if your source documents address a highly specialized subject matter or are of poor linguistic quality, please be available for queries.


Rates for English-to-German translations depend on factors such as subject matter, difficulty, urgency, and file format. Please send your documents to or complete this form to provide the necessary information for us to make a quote.